Frequently Asked Questions


What is Screenshot++?

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What happened to the Choose Device Types preference in settings?

The way screenshots are presented has changed in Screenshot++ 2.3. When the app is launched, you will now see screenshots from all supported device types in the Photo Library. Use search to filter screenshots by device type. Fo instance, you can no specify only iPad screenshots that are marked Favorite with a "Maps" tag.


Does Screenshot++ sync my screenshots?

Yes! Screenshot++ automatically syncs your screenshots in the Archive between your devices via iCloud. To get started, make sure you've signed into to iCloud on your device and iCloud Drive is enabled for Screenshot++. For the best sync experience, enable push notifications.


Do I have to enable Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are strongly recommended for sync to work correctly. When changes are made on one device, your other devices will be notified so they can download changes. Screenshot++ notifications are silent and happen in the background. These push notifications are silent and will not be displayed in Notification Center.


What is Advanced Library Search?

Advanced Library Search is a new setting than changes the way Screenshot++ searches for screenshots. With this enabled, Screenshot++ will dive deeper into your Photo Library to find additional screenshots but may also show some false positives. Advanced Library Search is disabled by default and available to users in Screenshot++ 2.6 as a public beta.


I don't see the latest version of Screenshot++ in the App Store

Screenshot++ now requires an iOS device running iOS 10.0 or later. To take advantage of the newest features, update your device to iOS 10 or later. Customers using a device running iOS 9 can still download Screenshot++ 2.5.2.


How do I become a beta tester?

To sign up to be a Screenshot++ beta tester, visit this page.