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What's New in Bug Trackr 3

Bug Trackr 3 is now available on the App Store!

Version 3 is a major milestone for Bug Trackr with great new features like sync, Dark Mode, a modern UI, support for iOS 10 and the latest devices, a new icon, widget, and more.

Sync is the most requested feature to date and it’s finally available for all Bug Trackr users! Bug reports and apps are synced between your devices via iCloud. There is no setup to do, it works out of the box. Simply sign into iCloud and enable iCloud Drive on your devices.

This update centres around consistency. Every aspect of the UI was rebuilt from the ground up. But it’s more than the way it looks; text throughout the app now responds to user font preferences, iPhone 6 and 7 Plus users can enjoy using the app in landscape split view mode, and Quick Actions on iPhones with 3D touch allows users to jump right into the content that matters most. Bug Trackr 3 is a modern app built for iOS 10 both on the surface and under the hood. It takes advantage of the latest Apple technologies to ensure it’s fast and reliable.

Another popular feature request is Dark Mode. With Dark Mode enabled, the entire interface dynamically changes to a darker themed UI that’s easy on the eyes and great when working at night or in darker environments. It’s available exclusively for Bug Trackr Premium subscribers.

Bug Trackr 3 greatly improves the app import process. Now, for iOS and macOS apps, after selecting an app platform and entering an app name, Bug Trackr will search the App Store for matches as you type. Also improved is the new Bug Report Screenshot Viewer that displays the size and dimensions of your screenshots. Lastly, bug report and app info layouts have been redesigned to better focus on their content.

Bug Trackr 3 is ad-supported and introduces the Premium Subscription. With a subscription to Bug Trackr Premium, you’ll have access to Dark Mode and you won’t see any ads. Subscribers will also be directly funding future development of the app. Users who have purchased the Bug Trackr Pro in-app purchase in previous version can enjoy complimentary access to all premium features until December 31, 2017.

I hope you’ll enjoy Bug Trackr 3 as much as I do. I’d like to thank all of our beta testers for their hard work, really appreciate it!

For the latest news about the app and future betas, follow Bug Trackr on Twitter @bugtrackrapp

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