One Blog to Rule them All

If you're looking for, don't worry, you've come to the right place. is now directing to this page,

I started because I wanted a dedicated blog site and I wanted to own I set up a Squarespace account and went from there. Over time, I moved to Squarespace because it's the most convenient way for me to host a website and really, who doesn't like Squarespace?

Without thinking about it,  I was suddenly running two blogs. One for app info and notices, the other for developer related posts. I was of the impression that non-business related content should be held separate from this site. I've changed my mind.

This site is not just about the products I've released, it's for everything I'm working on, and of course, my thoughts, and opinions.

This blog page is now a site within a site and my main - and only - blog. I hope you come back often and share your thoughts in the comments.