New Beta Homepage


A quick note to announce a new page devoted to betas.

When apps enter public beta they'll be posted there instead of on respective product pages.

I began offering Screenshot++ 1.0 as a beta through TestFlight earlier this year to a small group of testers. It went extremely well and I'll continue to use Apple's beta distribution service. A full write-up of my TestFlight experience will follow at some point.

Right now, you can join the Screenshot++ 1.1 beta which includes new features I think you'll love!


Bug Trackr 2.0 Public Beta

Update: The beta period has ended and version 2.0 is on the App Store now. Thank you to everyone who participated, much appreciated!

I'm rounding out development on Bug Trackr 2.0 and thanks to Apple's new TestFlight service, I'm accepting 1000 helpful iOS 8 users to try out the new version.

Bug Trackr 2 adds a new Today Widget, Notes and Screenshots in each bug report, and support for iO8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 plus. 

If you'd like to sign up for the beta, head over to the Bug Trackr Home Page.

Please note the beta requires an iOS device running iOS 8 and later. Be sure to backup your device before installing the beta as you may have to re-install the app when the final version is released.

Thank you!