What's New in Screenshot++ 2.4

Screenshot++ and Screenshot Sweeper have both been updated for iOS 10, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus!

Screenshot++ 2.4 also includes a redesigned Widget that feels right at home on iOS 10.

Grab the free updates from the App Store!

Ps. As a sneak peek, Bug Trackr 3.0 is well into development with fantastic new features I can't wait to share with you! Stay tuned.

May 2016 News

I've just finished work on Screenshot++ 2.3 and Screenshot Sweeper 1.2. Both of these updates include enhancements to VoiceOver and Accessibility, keyboard shortcuts, and a refreshed UI.

Screenshot++ 2.3 is a sizeable update and includes a slew new features that I think you'll love. More info to come when the 2.3 update launches on May 12th. A big thank you to my wonderful beta testers for their hard work over the last 2 month for making it a great release!

My plan is to return to working on iSource 3. It's a massive new app/update that has taken a considerable amount of work. While it's been delayed past this school year, it'll be worth the wait. It's on schedule to release before the new school year in September. The first iSource 3 beta will be available in June and I'm looking for students and testers who are interested in testing and providing feedback. If this sounds like you, please get in touch!

- Wes Dyson

Developing for CloudKit - Part 4

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In the first 3 parts of Developing for CloudKit, I walk through creating a sync layer for Core Data that uses CloudKit as its backend.

I mentioned at the end of part 3 that I wanted to “abstract the sync layer so it's independent of your data model. I hope to open source it at some point in 2015”.

In the past year, I improved and made many changes to the sync layer (called SSCloudManager) and it shipped as the syncing mechanism in Screenshot++.

The main issue is SSCloudManager is still tightly coupled to the Screenshot++ data model. Creating a version of SSCloudManager that’s data model agnostic would require substantial time to invest that I simply do not have. Because of that, I began searching for a SSCloudManager replacement that didn’t involve months of my time that I would rather spend elsewhere.

Currently, I’m using Ensembles 2 as a replacement for SSCloudManager in development of a few projects. It’s everything I envisioned SSCloudManager to be and then some. I love it.

I’ll be posting in future about adopting Ensembles 2 into my projects. In the mean time, if you’ve created your own sync layer, I would love to hear about it.

Screenshot++ 2.1 for iPhone and iPad Available Now

Screenshot++ has been updated with support for 3D Touch on new iPhones with Push and Pop for screenshots and new Quick Actions from the Home Screen.

Incorporating Peek and Pop into your workflow feels natural and easy to use. On iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, press lightly to see a preview of any screenshot.

Screenshot++ includes 3 new Home Screen Quick Actions - Clean Library, Open Dashboard, and Open Most Recent. Deep press on the Screenshot++ Home Screen icon to access these time-saving shortcuts.

This version also introduces a new app icon that's cleaner and more fun than before and sync that's now 50% faster for must users.

Screenshot++ 2.1 is a free update to existing Screenshot++ users, available now on the App Store!

Screenshot++ - Implementing Peek and Pop and Home Screen Quick Actions for iPhone 6s


Screenshot++ 2.1 is about to enter beta testing and includes support for Peek and Pop and Home Screen Quick Actions for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

This is the first app I've updated to take advantage of these new features and I think they're awesome. Peeking is fast and fluid and a definite time saver for users.

Both of these new 6s features are relatively easy to implement if you've been using NSUserActivity and either table or collection views in your app. For a guide on implementing Peek and Pop, check out Apple's UIViewControllerPreviewing API sample code. For Home Screen Quick Actions, I used 3D-touch on Github to get started.

For Peeking into a UICollectionViewCell, set the sourceRect property on UIViewControllerPreviewing to that of the selected cell (I assume this is the same for UITableViewCell but I haven't tried Peek with a tableView yet.) Something like this:

UICollectionView *cv = self.collectionView;
UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes *attributes = [cv layoutAttributesForItemAtIndexPath:_openScreenshotCellIndexPath];

CGRect cellRect = attributes.frame;
[previewingContext setSourceRect:cellRect];
_assetViewController.preferredContentSize = CGSizeMake(asset.pixelWidth, asset.pixelHeight);

If you have any questions leave a comment or find me @wesleydyson on Twitter. Check out Screenshot++ and join the beta!

Screenshot++ and new Apple Hardware

I'm currently finishing development on Screenshot++ 2.0. I decided this version will also support iPad Pro sized screenshots and be available before the new iPad actually ships to customers in November.

Its important that Screenshot++ users be able to interact with the iPad Pro's massive screenshots from day 1. It's also a little frightening that I won't be able to properly test this feature on an actual device before official launch day. Chicken or the egg?

I'm looking into whether screenshots from the new Apple TV can be supported in the app. Can you take screenshots of the Apple TV's output without the simulator? If so, where do the files go? Screenshots from Apple Watch worked out well because a screenshot taken on the Watch is moved to the user's iPhone soon after creation. I'll have more info about screenshots from Apple TV in a later post.

Because I don't want to cause major delay in shipping Screenshot++ 2.0 with iOS 9 support, I'll be adding iPhone 6s features in a 2.1 release later this fall.