What's New in Screenshot++ 2.3

I'm happy to announce that Screenshot 2.3 is available on the App Store with redesigned search, a more detailed Dashboard, smoother opening of screenshots, a refreshed UI, and VoiceOver and accessibility improvements.

Before I dive into the changes in this release, I want to thank all the beta testers who helped make 2.3 the best release yet.


The biggest change in Screenshot++ 2.3 is redesigned search. In previous versions of Screenshot++, you could limit the screenshots shown from your Photo Library by device type from the app's setting menu. While many users were happy with the way that worked, most users never knew it existed and thus thought you could only see screenshots from the device they were running the app on. 2.3 rectifies this by showing you screenshots from every iOS device type by default. If you only want to see iPhone 6|6s screenshots, simply select that device type from the search popover. This now applies to both the Photo Library and Archive tab.

Version 2.3 also introduces the concept of search filters. Favorite, Tags, and Device Type are examples of filters currently in the app. You can chain multiple filters together to view only screenshots that, for example, are marked Favorite, taken on iPhone 6 Plus, and have a "Maps" tag. I'm always exploring ways to add additional filters so if you have ideas, please send those along.

The search bar button now has a coloured background so it's clear when search is active. Press the reset button in the search popover to remove all filters.


The Dashboard in version 2.3 now displays screenshot counts broken down by device type in addition to category. Because Dashboard data is refreshed with every change you make to your library, users with large screenshot libraries (>2500 screenshots) would see degraded performance. Dashboard calculations are now done in the background and 2.3 includes new progress indicators for Photo Library and Archive stats pages.


The Dashboard isn't the only place you'll see performance improvements. Opening and closing screenshots are now more fluid and intuitive, especially for those larger than 5MB. A lot of work went into making the zoom animation and pinch gesture as smooth as possible.

Batch archiving screenshots in this release is now more reliable but may take a little longer to complete when archiving more than 50 screenshots at once, especially on older devices.

UI Improvements

Screenshot++ 2.3 includes tweaks to the user interface that focus on making text more legible and puts the focus squarely on your screenshots. The background in both the Photo Library and Archive tabs is lighter yet not white. I get asked why the app doesn't use a solid white background and the answer is because iOS uses white so heavily, many screenshots will blend into a white background. I use a gradient to give screenshots contrast against the background without trying to compete with them. Using a light to medium grey background helps put focus on your content as you scroll.


VoiceOver now recognizes each screenshot and its attributes, all buttons have specific VoiceOver labels with hints, and text is now properly read in the screenshot info panel. It's personally important that everyone can use and benefit from Screenshot++, regardless of ability.


Screenshot++ now supports Dynamic Type app-wide and responds automatically to text size changes. This was a big undertaking but for those who use larger text, the result is worth the effort.

I hope you enjoy the improvements in Screenshot++ 2.3 and if you like the app, please show your friends and leave a rating in the App Store!