Screenshot++ and new Apple Hardware

I'm currently finishing development on Screenshot++ 2.0. I decided this version will also support iPad Pro sized screenshots and be available before the new iPad actually ships to customers in November.

Its important that Screenshot++ users be able to interact with the iPad Pro's massive screenshots from day 1. It's also a little frightening that I won't be able to properly test this feature on an actual device before official launch day. Chicken or the egg?

I'm looking into whether screenshots from the new Apple TV can be supported in the app. Can you take screenshots of the Apple TV's output without the simulator? If so, where do the files go? Screenshots from Apple Watch worked out well because a screenshot taken on the Watch is moved to the user's iPhone soon after creation. I'll have more info about screenshots from Apple TV in a later post.

Because I don't want to cause major delay in shipping Screenshot++ 2.0 with iOS 9 support, I'll be adding iPhone 6s features in a 2.1 release later this fall.