Ambiguous App Store Guidelines

Panic's Transmit 1.1.1 is the latest app to fall victim to Apple's ambiguous App Store Guidelines. We have an exceptional app, made by talented and bright individuals, receiving a rejection because it violated a vague clause in the App Store Guidelines.

PCalc, another great calculator app, was recently rejected for adding calculation functionality into their iOS Today Widget even though Apple's Calculator app for OS X includes the same functionality.

Transmit, according to the App Store Review Team, was in violation because it sent data to other services that wasn't created in the app itself. Bah-humbug.

Transmit and PCalc aren't alone in trying to McGiver the increasingly vague guidelines, these are simply recent entries in a long list.

Apple seemed to be embracing developers at this year's WWDC, it seemed as though they were on our side. Looks like we jumped the gun. They have their own interests, of course, but it seemed we were in a new age of transparency.

iOS developers are now increasingly apprehensive to push the envelope on what's possible and that can only result in a poorer user experience.

Final note: as we steadily march forward to feature parity between iOS and OS X, why hinder the iOS platform? What division within Apple is reigning developers back?

The infighting within Apple is becoming clear and users and developers are taking the brunt end.