Academy Coins for iPad

The easiest way for kids to learn about coins. 

Academy Coins version 1.4 with iOS 8 support, new Today Progress Widget, Canadian, Australian, and US dollar, plus Pound and Euro coins - now available!


From Beginner to Advanced

Academy Coins includes 9 levels from the most basic coin-learning activities to more advanced topics.

Each level is fun to play and really simple to use. Keep playing to unlock more levels.


Academy Coins Home Screen on an iPad mini

Academy Coins Home Screen on an iPad mini


Canadian Matching with Words

Euro Matching with Words

In 'Matching with Words' and 'Matching with Numbers', drag each coin to the corresponding name or value.

Each game can be played in either Canadian or American coins. We are also looking to add other currency support in the near future.


'How Much Money?' On an iPad mini


How Much Money?

The best way to learn to count change. The coin selections are randomly generated for an infinite number of levels.


Track Your Progress


See how you're progressing in each level of Academy Coins. Your average is displayed at the top. A great tool for parents, guardians, and teachers to see how their children and students are doing.

Progress Report


Please Note -

Academy Coins requires iOS 8 or later, on an iPad 2 or newer.

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