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Bug Trackr for iOS

Bug Trackr can't fix your bugs, but it can help you manage and keep track of them even if they're in different apps on different platforms.

Available now on iPhone and iPad, for free.

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Academy Coins for iPad

Academy Coins includes 9 levels from the most basic coin-learning activities to more advanced topics.

Each level is fun to play and really simple to use. Keep playing to unlock more levels.

Academy Coins version 1.3 with iOS 7.1, Pound, and Euro support coming soon.

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iSource APA and iSource MLA for iPhone and iPad

Are you writing an essay or do you simply need to create a bibliography? It’s a pain to keep track of the different formats and rules for different resource types.

iSource has been updated with a beautiful new iPad interface, iOS 7.1 and 64-bit support. Native iPad support has been our number one feature request and we're so happy to get it in your hands.

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Alphabet Zoo Adventure for iPad

Alphabet Zoo Adventure is an interactive photo gallery that teaches kids about zoo animals, the alphabet, spelling, and nature. 

Swipe through the animal while learning each name and proper spelling. Each animal also comes with a definition and audio pronunciation.

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Twin Browser for iPad

Twin Browser is the only iPad browser that features side-by-side webpage viewing using one, streamlined, toolbar. The Twin Browser toolbar will adapt itself to the webpage you're using.

Newly updated with DuckDuckGo as a 4th search engine option, Read Later with Instapaper, and web page font selection with 6 beautiful fonts!

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